Share the Evidence

To the unbeliever, the bible appears to be a random collection of old myths. But we know as believers that each story and proverb strings together intentionally to point to God's glory and highlight what Christ did for us on the cross. For example, we think of Genesis 22 when Abraham is called by the Lord to sacrifice his son on Mount Moriah. When Isaac asks "where is the lamb for the burnt offering" In faith, Abraham replies "God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son" In the end, the Lord does provide a lamb (Himself) and Isaac's life is spared ("resurrected"). To an unbeliever this is a strange story of a sick God that tests his followers for sport. To the outsider God's request is illogical and pointless. But we recognize that this is God's generous promise and foreshadowing of the cross TO BLESS US. We see this over and over in the Scriptures from Genesis 22 to Isaiah 53's prophecy of Jesus' coming.

Starting with the Old Testament, the Bible demonstrates to us God's sovereignty and faithfulness to the New Testament that teaches us God's Grace and compassion for us. Throughout the book we learn more of God's holy attributes and they build upon each other artfully and deliberately. The ultimate purpose of this book is to showcase God's holiness (HIS being separate and apart) and our sinful nature and further reveals our desperate need of him.

So this book is not random or haphazardly thrown together. "The Bible has a destination in mind. It's a story with a purpose—a roadmap. This roadmap is firmly planted in actual events, giving credence to the fact that it leads to an actual, real-life, non-mythological destination. The destination I speak of is not a place—it's a person. The Bible's main purpose is to introduce you to a real person who exists in real life. That person is none other than God, Himself. That person made Himself available to us to know, to love (or to hate), to accept (or to reject), to live for (or to ignore). He is totally good, yet controversial, funny, supremely intelligent, all-powerful, awesomely majestic, incredibly beautiful, and (amazingly) willing to have a personal relationship with us. His name is Jesus and He is, and was, and ever will be, God in human form. He is the very God who, for His own reasons and out of His love for us, came to Earth at an appointed place and time so that He might present Himself to us in a way that we might get to know Him.” (Excerpt from Consider the Evidence pg 17)